Thoughts on Independence Day

She's the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides, the oldest commissioned warship in the Navy. And, she's not a bad picture to capture our thoughts on the Fourth. The old ship has been meticulously preserved and maintained through the years since a famous poem and a bunch of determined school children rescued the never defeated warship from her demise and destruction. Today, only about eight percent of Old Ironsides is original. The rest of her is all exactly according to scale and specification, carefully replaced as necessary through the years. But to walk her decks today, she still looks ready for the high seas and ready for battle.

I'm not sure we have done as well preserving and maintaining our country, the nation the old ship defended so bravely. How close do we come today to the original, the specifications of our founders and builders? Are we still fitted out with the same ideals and dreams, or have we replaced the costly old values with cheaper, easier substitutes? I wonder. And as I take an honest look, I am fearful for the future of America. Outwardly powerful, inwardly decaying. Somebody better do something. Somebody should write a poem. Somebody needs to rebuild her.


Anonymous said…
I've seen old ironsides. It was a delight, of course, as seeing old things always is.

Nice thoughts man. Amen, though it is hard when so many people have so many different ideas about what it would mean to rebuild our nation.
Anonymous said…
Nice posts, these last two.
This post inspired me to wonder about the nation's future,what level of nationalism is acceptable to God and what happens when respect for God and the motto "In God We Trust" no longer rings true?
Drew Hill said…
Gordon and Sam- Two major league writers. Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your thoughts and perspective.

It's hard to know what genuine patriotism looks like anymore, especially for a Christian. I love our country. I hate to bash it, but I'm not going to baptize it either.

I'm preparing a sermon for this Sunday on the theme, "What would the prophets say?" It's a fair question, not easily answered. I hope you enjoy the 4th. -Drew
Anonymous said…

I really like the parallel you draw between Old Ironsides and our nation. I agree that our nation does need to be rebuilt.

Ultimately I think it is going to take a revival, anything less would be superficial.

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