Good for the Soul

I'm taking a few days off to vacation with my family in Oregon, my first ever visit. What a spectacular place! I'll be posting a few pictures soon. My wife's parents are celebrating their 60th anniversary with a wonderful dinner here this evening. So, this is some pretty special family time. I'll be catching up with you soon.


Anonymous said…
I grew up in Springfield, Oregon and remember how beautiful it was in the Willamette Valley. I am a little jealous. Have a great time!

Kathy Lange
Anonymous said…
Check out Cannon Beach if you get a chance.
Drew Hill said…
Thanks, friends.

Your right about the Willamette Valley, Kathy. Beautiful. We spent a day hiking in the mountains along the McKenzie River and a couple of days on the coast. I didn't know this was home country for you.

Thanks for the tip, Sam, but I don't think we can get there this trip. Maybe next time. -Drew

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