Headin' to Texas

This week I'm leading a team of nine adults on a mission project to Arlington, Texas. The trip down was a western cattle drive in reverse. Old West buffs may remember that many of the cattle drives up from Texas ended up in Sedalia, Missouri. No, my team isn't just a herd of cattle, but the route is the same.

We are working with one of our wonderful mission partners, Mission Arlington, under the leadership of Tillie Burgin. Many of you may be familiar with this remarkable ministry. I have often said that if the Book of Acts were taking place today, it would look like Mission Arlington. I have never seen a better model. If you have not heard of Mission Arlington, you might check it out at www.missionarlington.org.

So pray for us. We spent today working on an outdoor construction project and the temperature was 104. We're thinking we are on the mission trip to hell. But God is already blessing in great ways. Think cool thoughts. More later on.


Anonymous said…
Hope things go better for you despite the heat wave.
One thing I'm not missing about Texas is the heat - and I did live in Arlington for four years as I went to UTA.
Attended Pantego Bible Church near there.
Friend of mine now teaches Philosophy at Dallas Baptist University.
Drew Hill said…
Thanks, Sam. We did have a great week and were able to make good progress in spite of the fierce heat. Mission Arlington is a great school of missions for our church and we were really humbled and blessed by sharing this week with Tillie and her gang. -Drew

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