The Donut Shop Wedding, Part 4: The Epilogue

No one said a word about the wedding at the donut shop. Nobody at church. Nobody in the neighborhood. Not a word. I couldn't believe my luck. After three or four months went by, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Just maybe I would never have to explain about having a wedding in the donut shop. And I wouldn't have to be reminded of the whole crazy thing every time I got a haircut or bought groceries or went to the post office. What a relief!

It was time for our monthly church business meeting. We gathered on a cold Wednesday night at the church, about fifty of us. As was our custom, we began with the minutes from last month and the treasurer's report. Not much old business that evening, but we did have some new business, including a recommendation from our trustees who looked after the upkeep of our facilities.

"Brother Drew, the trustees recommend that we hang a long curtain rod downstairs in the fellowship hall, so that the ladies can cover up that basement wall with a nice curtain when we have wedding receptions down there. We have two weddings coming up pretty soon and the ladies would like us to get this done."

The motion was made and seconded. I asked if there were any questions or discussion, and no one responded. We were all ready to vote when Fred raised his hand. "Yes, Fred. Do you have a question?"

"Brother Drew, I was just thinking, as long as we are hanging a curtain rod downstairs, do you suppose we ought to go ahead and hang one of those rods over at the donut shop?" A hushed pause as his words hung in the air - then, a roar of laughter, waves of laughter from every person in the room, everyone except me - I was speechless, totally chagrined. Everybody knew, of course, they all knew the whole story of my donut shop wedding. And now finally, with a little grace and a little humble pie, we could all have a good laugh together.

Small towns have no secrets and God has no finer, more gracious people than those who first called me "pastor." So, what about you? Got any "how did I get myself into this" stories to share? Confession is good for the soul.


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