Bursting My Balloon

I remember a cartoon where a man is seeking counsel from his pastor and the pastor responds like this: "You have raised an interesting theological question. Is it a sin to covet your neighbor's humility?"

In previous posts I have written about pride and self-centeredness being like a gradually expanding balloon that from time to time needs to be popped. It seems to me that God has a variety of ways to deflate an ego run amok. Regrettably, He has had to use several on me. I came across one pastor's confession that really strikes home with me and maybe says something to all of us.

"I believe that humility is the great omission and failure in my eleven years of preaching. I believe that this is my greatest oversight both in my example and in my instruction.

I therefore do not claim to be humble. I do not claim to have been humble. I am convicted of my pride, and I am a man who is by God’s grace pursuing humility." (Mark Driscoll, pastor of Seattle's Mars Hill Church)

What does it mean to pursue humility? Is that not a task and a journey for all of us?


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