The Donut Shop Wedding (Reprise)

For all of our new Virginia friends, here's my worst or best "How did I ever get myself into this?" story. Suzanne enjoys bringing up this embarrassing memory from my early days as a pastor. She thinks it keeps me humble which it certainly does. It also still makes me shake my head and chuckle. And yes, this is the way it happened. A true story. If You Tube had been around, I'd probably be rich and famous. I hope you enjoy it, too. Have a good laugh on me.

The Donut Shop Wedding: Part 1, The Phone Call
The Donut Shop Wedding: Part 2, The Appointment
The Donut Shop Wedding: Part 3, The Ceremony
The Donut Shop Wedding: Part 4, The Epilogue


DrKitto said…
I am glad I am someone special in Gods eyes and he will need steal, cheat, or lie to or from me.

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