What Were You Thinking, Governor?

What causes men in power and position to succumb to moral failure? And why is it so often infidelity that brings them down from the heights of power? South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is just the latest in a long line of bold-faced denials, lame confessions, and shattered spouses. And it's not just the politicians. How many high profile preachers have fallen in the same pitiful manner?

Some say the answer is pride, plain and simple, the kind of arrogance that decides the rules no longer apply. Others suggest it is the adrenalin rush of the risk that drives some men to the brink of self-destruction. Who knows what goes on in their heads, consciously or subconsciously, that leads to this pattern of behavior?

And here is the kicker that always kills me. Despite the ruin of relationships and the public disgrace and humiliation, most of these men still cling to power, ignoring the outcry for their resignation or removal. Renewed commitment to marriage and fatherhood gets trumped by ego and ambition. They just can't turn lose of the power, and our warped "look the other way" culture soon moves on to the next big story and past indiscretions are forgotten - forgotten by everyone except the wives and children who struggle with the painful emotional aftermath. What a sad and pitiful pattern we have seen repeated again and again.

What do you think? Why do you think these things happen? And what does it say about our culture?


We let ourselves become an island, it can happen.

When we do not allow ourselves to be accountable, it can happen.

When we don't set up hedges in our lives to help us avoid temptation, it can happen.

When we rationalize the above, and then rationalize the sin, it can happen.

I'm surprised that he doesn't see that he needs to resign.
Drew Hill said…
Wise words, Shane. The moment we decide it could never happen to us, we become more vulnerable ourselves.

"So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!" (1 Corinthians 10:12)
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, in these days, money, power and prestige are the main motivators for some people to even enter into these positions, not for the good of the people (that's pretty much secondary in my opinion)....with maybe the exception of preachers!!

I'm sad to say that I believe the majority of students entering school to become doctors and lawyers today are mostly doing so for the wrong reasons as well....or they get so burned out after a while that they forget why they chose to do it in the first place!

Either way, most of them stick with it for the perks that it allows them. And with those perks, they probably are attracting attention and admirers that they probably wouldn't get otherwise...sad but true...this is why they can't or won't give it up!

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