A Second Summer of Sam

Just a word to those of you who have followed our son, Sam, on his past adventures in our nation's capitol. Well, he's gone back for more. Sam has been invited to spend a second summer with the good people of First Baptist Church of Washington, DC. We couldn't be more pleased and proud. So, Sam is writing again with all kinds of thoughts, reflections, and experiences on his blog, Musings of a Young Traveler. Feel free to check it out.


Christina said…
How old is your son now? My oldest son is 15 and I can't see him going off and doing things like that yet. It would be a great break if he was invited by anyone he knew that we knew that we could trust for him to go out on somekind of mission or something. I don't know how I'm gonna feel once my kids are up and out on their own hanging out with their friends and no longer at home.
Drew Hill said…
Sam is 20, a junior in college, serving a summer internship at First Baptist Church of Washington, DC. He is working with a wonderful bunch of people. It's been great for him, though a little nerve-wracking for us.

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