Rough Night for My Royals

Just my luck. I had the best seat in the stadium for the worst game of the year. I hadn't made it to a Royals game this season, but my friend, Steve, came through with some primo free tickets from work. So last night, four of us, golfing buddies from Hacker's Anonymous, headed up to KC for barbeque and a ballgame. The seats were super, second row, right behind the visitor's dugout. I've never sat so near the action or been able to hear some of the player's conversations. That was really cool.

The game stunk big time. I wasn't too proud of my boys in blue. It was ugly. An error on the very first play of the game should have been a clue. One of our relievers gave up a home run on the first pitch he threw, not exactly what the manager had in mind, I'm sure. Final score: 12 - 5, Diamondbacks. That's right, the Diamondbacks. Go figure.

Laughing on the way home, we decided it is far better to see a good game from a bad seat, than to sit through an excruciating disaster up close and personal. I'm thinking there is a life lesson in there somewhere. You can sort it out.

One more thought. Even a lousy game can be more than tolerable, even pleasant, if you face it with good friends. Thanks, guys. It was fun anyway.


Sue Reynolds said…
Sometimes it hurts to bleed blue. But, they're still my boys, and I still love 'em.
Annie said…
So sorry about the loss! I do agree though about somehow losses don't hurt as bad with good friends.

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