A Lonesome Drive Back Home

It's a strange mix of emotions, a mingling of pride and satisfaction with equal parts of anxiety and grief. Our son, our oldest is off to college, pretty much on his own, other than the bills and books of course. It's not that we're worried he won't make it. Sam's been ready to go since about sixth grade, independent, motivated, and determined almost from the start. We both know it's a good thing, a natural thing, even a great thing for him and for us. Less laundry, less mess, less groceries, did I mention less mess? It's a good thing. It's what we hoped for, prayed for, and saved for. So, why is it so painful to drive away from that dorm with our son in the rear view mirror?

And what about the moms and dads we know who have to send off their son turned soldier?

I don't know if God has hands like ours, but I hope He does. And I pray His hands are big enough for my grown up boy. Hang on to him, Lord. He's beyond my reach now, but not beyond Yours.


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