A Big Blessing from Belarus.

Tonight the world seems very small to me and the Kingdom seems very great. The National Christian Choir of Belarus was in concert tonight at the church where I serve as pastor. This 30 voice choir, featuring a string ensemble and trumpet was very professional and yet obviously passionate about the Gospel message in their music. It was beautiful to hear and beautiful to see. Our church was filled with a wonderful variety of local people, including Anglos, Ukrainians, Russians, Moldavians, and a large number of Hispanics. It was the genuine worship of God crossing language and cultural barriers and giving us all a wonderful reminder of our common bond in Christ. During their next to last number, the choir shifted to crystal clear English, singing the words, "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."

I take heart and find great encouragement in our shared affirmation of those powerful words. The scripture promises that one day men and women from every tongue and tribe and nation will be gathered before the throne of God, singing our highest praise to the glory of God. Tonight was a little morsel, just a taste of what is to come. Can't wait!


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