The Chicken or the Egg?

Well, which came first? Doesn't really matter when all that's at stake is a drumstick or an omelet. But sometimes it matters greatly, which comes first. I've been thinking about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. How can we live out this new life in Christ? How can we be in this world but not of this world? There are no easy answers, I know, but maybe the place to begin is to put first things first. It's all about priorities, isn't it? Consider a few questions that I have been pondering. Which comes first in your life - the ways of this world or the way of Christ?

Money - Do we underwrite our desired standard of living and give what is leftover for God's purposes, or do we give generously, consistently, and biblically and adjust our lifestyle accordingly?

Time - Do we fill our flexible hours with countless leisure and recreational pursuits and serve God only when there is absolutely nothing else to do, or do we commit our time and our talents as God Spirit leads and enjoy all of our hobbies and interests as God gives us opportunity?

Politics - Do we allow our political views to shape our own personal theology, or do we apply our theology in the political arena? Does our politics shape our faith or does our faith shape our politics?

Culture - Do we allow our culture to inform and shape our values, or do we live out our faith in ways that may contrast with or even contradict the expectations of our culture?

Input - Do we feed our mind and soul on the same sick diet of warped views, twisted sensuality, and tainted truth, or do we grow wiser through the daily disciplines of scripture and prayer? 

People - Do we find ourselves influenced by the same biases and prejudices that pervade our society, or do we treat every person as one for whom Christ died?

Purpose - Do we make our life's aim all about our own comfort, our convenience, and our prosperity, or do we find our purpose in laying down and giving up our lives for Christ and for others?  

Just food for thought. Grab a piece of chicken or a hard-boiled egg and think it over. Which came first, or rather, which comes first in your life? Following Jesus may be harder to swallow than you thought.


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