Beginning with the Basics

It feels a little different to me, sitting in a strange office that still seems like it must belong to someone else. I know it's mine now, but I haven't really moved in. All of my files and books and pictures and even my rhinos are still boxed up in my garage in Sedalia, waiting for the big moving day still about ten weeks away. So for now, it's just me and my Bible and my laptop.

And maybe that's a good thing for me, a healthy reminder to focus on the basics of being a pastor. What matters most is the call of God and the subsequent call of a congregation. Just reading about theories and approaches to ministry is no substitute for actually ministering to people. And, every other tool or resource in the church is secondary to the Word of God itself.

So, here I sit in a chair shaped like somebody else writing my first few words in a new chapter of life and faith. Can't wait to see how it turns out.


John McCallum said…
I predict it will turn out very well.
Bobbi Smith said…
Drew, and I am so glad to read your words. Sure do miss you. Just remember; Sometimes, less is more!
Take care and we shall await "more."
Bobbi Smith

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