A Patch of Blue

Several thoughtful friends and family called last night to check on us when the tornado touched down in the neighborhood. No real damage, just some tree limbs down in the front yard. I guess a weather helicopter for channel 9 taped the tornado, some pretty dramatic footage.

Like most people during a bad storm, at least most of the guys I know, I divided my time between the basement and the backyard, trying to keep an eye on the sky and the radar, while the piercing storm siren down the street seemed to signal the end of all things.

In the middle of this big, blustery mess, a little patch or two of clear blue sky shown through. I took it as a positive omen, signaling a swift end to this swirling storm, and a return to normal, whatever that is.
Maybe that's a good reminder for those of us fighting our way through bigger storms. Hang on to something solid and wait for it. Blue skies are coming. Better days ahead.


Annie said…
And we can be assured that amidst the storm stands a stronghold of armor=God. Glad everyone is all right! I hope the weather has calmed down for you!
Drew Hill said…
Thanks, Annie. We live in that Oklahoma-Missouri "tornado alley", so we are pretty familiar with the threat of tornadoes. This one missed us and we are very grateful.

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