"Deo Fisus Labora"

Friday evening I was sitting in historic Gano Chapel on the campus of my alma mater, waiting for the honors convocation to begin. The evening sun gave a golden glow to the old stained glass. I noticed once again the college's Latin motto on the seal, "Deo Fisus Labora," or, "Trusting God, Work." I remember Dr. Kingsley explaining those words to us in a freshman orientation more than thirty years ago. I thought I knew what he was talking about on that distant Fall morning, but now I know better, much better.

"Trusting God, Work." Not a bad approach to life, is it? Work hard, doing everything you can do, and trust God for the rest. Live and labor as if everything depended on you. Love and laugh as if everything depended on God. It's life as a partnership, for we are "laborers together with God."

And so sitting in the chapel as a parent now rather than a student, I hope my son and his fellow students take note. The words on the window light the way.


Annie said…
This is one lesson I deeply learned when I turned 40. SIx years later it has become a mainstay in my daily living and continues to get richer and richer in my heart, my soul and my mind.
Nathan said…
Great blog! One of the pastors I listen to says, "I work like an Arminian but I sleep like a Calvinist." While I really don't like labels (such as Calvinist) I thought that was an interesting comment and sort of relates to your blog.

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. I enjoy reading yours!
Drew Hill said…
Thanks, Annie, for sharing your journey. Always rich and insightful.

Nathan - What a great analogy! Work like an Armenian and sleep like a Calvinist. I love it. Hope all is well for you and yours.
David M. Fulk said…
Drew, I just happened upon this posting today. I loved reading it and the memories it brought back. I recently attended an evening concert in Gano in May and the light was spectacular. I spent more time looking at the windows than watching the performer...and remembering Gordon explaining the meaning of Deo Fisus Labora. Hope all is well with you. David

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