Another Year Older, Maybe a Little Wiser

Well, as of tomorrow, I will chalk up another year, turning forty-eight years old. That seems pretty old to me, whether I say it or write it. I played football a couple of weeks ago with Sam and a bunch of his college and high school buddies. We started out playing "touch" but soon the rules were changed to "tackle." We all had a blast and I got along alright, even scored a couple of times, though I was more than twice as old as the rest of the guys. It was about four hours after the game as I tried to get up out of my chair, when I realized my body was going to pay a painful price for my gridiron glory. There's a reason why 48 year olds don't play football. Pretty good reasons. I should know better. I just hate to quit.

I don't really dread getting older. What bugs me is the fear of not making the most of my time, not being active and useful each day and each year. I want to make the most of my time, all of it. Don't you? And hopefully, I'm learning a little more about life and faith along the way.

I like the words to a song by Randy Stonehill called "Prisoner of Hope." His words could easily be my own as I mark another year of life. Can you identify with his words?

I'm slow to learn, I'm slow to change
I find this roller coaster life both beautiful and strange
I try my best to sort things out
But at times I'm sort of clueless as to what this thing's about
And I've been wrong and I've been used
But in light of the big picture I'm still peaceful and bemused

I'm slow to judge, I'm slow to fight
I confess that my own track record is far from lily white
Sometimes I'm scared, sometimes I doubt
Sometimes I make such a mess I'm sure there's no way out
And I have failed and I have cried
But at times I find it's healthy when you dine on humble pie

Bound for all eternity by this three chord rope-
Father, Son and Spirit- I'm a prisoner of hope.

Captured by a love I don't deserve or understand
Held within the grip of these awesome, holy hands
You may say this is just the dream of desperate men
But far from desperate dreaming, I am waking up again

Prisoner of hope tonight
With a reason to be faithful
I'm a prisoner of hope tonight
With a reason to be grateful

Let's you and I make the most of this day, the most of this year, the most of this life. We only get one shot. One and done. Better live and learn as we go.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Rhino Man!
Good thing I didn't know before Wed. text study or I would have baked you a cake and tried singing to you. Blessings for the year ahead. -Yvonne M.

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