My Christmas Blessing

 (Originally pub lished, December 22, 2022)

May all the happy Whos in Whoville make room at their table for the grinches and grumps.
May every depressed Charlie Brown listen to Linus rather than Lucy this Christmas. 
May all the Cratchits find their goose just big enough to feed the family.
May every despairing George Bailey find his hope in friends and neighbors and an unexpected angel or two.
May every department store Santa conjure just enough miracle to make a little one believe.
May all the Griswolds make room for their unexpected relatives and RVs. 
May every crusty Ebenezer remember how to dance and how to love. 
May every tired pastor find the stamina to stoke one more sermon, one more candle.
May every weary shepherd keep one eye peeled on the night sky, waiting for news too good to keep.
May all the seeking, saddle sore wise men find their way, even under a starless sky. 
May all of this world’s Herods get the message loud and clear – your days are numbered.
May every worried Joseph find safety and warmth for his family, in a suite or a stable.
May every exhausted Mary find a few quiet moments to ponder her most precious gift.
Finally, may the Christ of Christmas be born in us, in every heart, in a world that rarely recognizes the reason for its empty longing. “O come to us, abide with us, our Lord Immanuel.”


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