Football in the Mud

Rarely has the news been more depressing or disgusting. Turn on the evening news and you get to see clips of burning homes, raging floods, hundreds of Ebola victims, a woman punched out by her lover, and another reporter beheaded by terrorists. It's almost more than I can watch, just too big a dose of disaster and pain and cruelty.

These days I'm feeling better about my disappointed childhood dreams of one day playing in the NFL. Our heroes are turning out to be wife beaters and child abusers and sometimes just plain stupid. I heard on the news today that while suspended and awaiting the outcome of his felony child abuse charges, Adrian Peterson will continue to draw his normal weekly paycheck of $691,000. What's wrong with this picture?

What a mess we have created. In all fairness to these professional athletes, they have been treated like royalty since adolescence, given fabulous wealth when they couldn't handle an allowance, pressured to perform at herculean levels, and then expected to behave like mature adults, good role models for our kids. Not very likely, is it?

Who taught Adrian Peterson his brutal parenting approach? Nobody but his own parents. Who taught Ray Rice about relationships and respect for women? Apparently, nobody. That certainly does not excuse their behavior one bit, but our own warped sports culture has helped to create a class of athletes who lack even the basics of class and character.

And what makes it seem even worse is the fact that we rarely hear about the good guys, the athletes who not only perform on the field, but serve and volunteer and have healthy marriages and raise happy kids. But they rarely get the press. Scandal makes better copy I guess.

Maybe this will be the year when I just stick with baseball. After all, the Royals are still in the hunt and the Nationals are already in the post season. Praying for a DC-KC series. Yes, I do still believe in miracles. And I'm ready for some good news, too. Go, Blue!


Anonymous said…
The NFl has determined the "bad guys" are guilty and never innocent of the charges. Therefore, the punishment has been given to the offenders....already...prior to a fair hearing in our courts. I don't approve of the battery and abusive behavior but I do believe in a fair trial. The punishment that the NFL has handed down will not help the offenders but probably just make the situations worse. True, they are our role models and should behave as such. Nobody is perfect. I've seen marital abuse first hand and it's never pretty. child abuse is just as bad.
Anonymous said…
Often times sports, sports figures and sports events reflect the content of the culture. This is true with Peterson. He said early on if he is convicted, every African-American father in the south will be guilty because we all discipline the same way. True or not, it reflects a culture and a way of life. These events are a window into our culture. In order to "fix" them you need first to fixt the culture, and only Christ can do that. Only Christ can break the bondage of the dark culture that American has become. Patrick Henry Family Services is committed to that kind of culture reforming relationships with Christ.

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