Summertime Sights:
  • the lights of the Little League ballpark against the fading twilight of summer evenings
  • a long line of people waiting at the window of Dairy Queen
  • boys and girls lined up to march in behind the flags at Vacation Bible School
  • lots of signs - Welcome to Kentucky or North Carolina or Colorado or New Mexico or wherever, "Smile!"
  • our special friend, Gail Gray, hitting a home run and rounding the bases on every single evening of Little League baseball
Summertime Tastes:
  • cold watermelon
  • buttery corn on the cob
  • homemade ice cream
  • a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich
  • burgers and dogs grilled over charcoal
Summertime Sounds:
  • fireworks booming away with "Oohs" and "Ahhs" in the background
  • lawnmowers humming around the neighborhood on evening walks
  • the spring of the diving board and the big splash of a can opener or a cannonball
  • the crack of a bat hitting a baseball, Little League or major league
  • the cool sound of a bicycle with playing cards pinned against the spokes
Summertime Smells:
  • fresh cut grass
  • breaking in a new baseball glove
  • fish around the boat dock on the lake
  • smoky charcoal, cooking supper in the backyard
  • the cheap bubble gum that came with the baseball cards
Summertime Heat:
  • hot vinyl seats in our station wagon 
  • hurried steps across the hot concrete from the pool to my towel
  • picking up and putting up bails of hay on hot afternoons
  • two a day football practices under a blazing August sun
  • funeral home fans, the only A/C in a country church
Summertime Joy:
  • The day I learned to ride a bike on the Kroger parking lot.
  • The night our Little League umpire, Shorty Aker, told me I could be a big leaguer some day. (I didn't know at the time that he said that to all the boys.)
  • Making it across the pool without touching the bottom, finally qualifying for the deep end and the diving board. 
  • family reunions, long Saturday afternoons at the park, Grandpa smoking his pipe and telling great stories, Grandma just shaking her head.
  • Seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time with my family and throwing snowballs at my brothers in July.


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