If Jesus Were from Texas . . .

Last night we were welcoming our new associate pastor coming to Virginia from the great state of Texas. It started me thinking, what if Jesus had come from Texas. I couldn't help myself. Feel free to add your own.

If Jesus were from Texas . . .
  • His disciples would have included Billy Bob, Roy Lee, Scooter, and Bubba.
  • He'd have brought his rod and reel with him when he walked on water.
  • He'd have fed the multitude with catfish and cornbread.
  • He'd be famous for turning water into whiskey.
  • The Sermon on the Mount would have been the Preachin' on the Prairie.
  • The prayer for the Passover meal would have been, "Good food, good meat, good God, let's eat!"
  • His front yard would have been filled with broken down mule carts.
  • Instead of a holy grail, knights would have been searching for the Holy Cooler.
  • He would have cured the blind man with a little tobacco juice.
  • Instead of a fish, the symbol for Jesus would have been a fishing lure.


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