"Can This Be Christmas?"

Silent night, strangely dark and quiet
The babes of Bethlehem are no more.
Only weeping in the streets
Mothers holding little boys
Lifeless and cold
Slaughtered in their sleepy beds
Victims of soldier and sword.
No solace on this silent night,
Comfortless tears and broken hearts
Can this be Christmas
In Bethlehem?

Silent night at Sandy Hook School
A cheerful, colorful classroom
A bloody crime scene
Innocence gunned down
Brave teachers left for dead
Bright-eyed boys and ponytailed girls
Somberly laid to rest,  
Tears splash on little caskets
Hopes and dreams buried in the earth
Can this be Christmas
In Newtown?

Silent night, but now we cry out
We can keep silent no longer
Grief turns to firm resolve
Politicians become parents
Power gives way to change
Compassion for the disturbed
Wisdom over weapons
Peace and protection
For our little ones
Can this be Christmas
In America?


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