Going Back or Going Home?

After ten weeks here in Arlington, it's time to head back to Missouri for our big moving day. People have been so patient and gracious with me as I learn my way around and get a feel for our new church and community. With each passing week I'm getting acquainted and getting to know the wonderful people of Memorial Baptist Church.

So now it's time to take my daughter back for her second year of college and bring my wife, Suzanne, out here for good, along with a truckload of stuff. I know she will love it here and catch up quickly. And, I know I'll be a better pastor with my partner around all the time.

It's a strange mix of emotions this weekend as I anticipate the long road trip. Am I leaving home or am I going home? Is it possible to go back without going home? Is home where you are or where you were, where you are going to be or where you used to be? Is home all about our history or is it more about our present and future?

Thinking it over, I choose today over yesterday. Missouri is where my family is, where my roots are, but it's not my home anymore. Home is today. Home is here and now. Home is right smack dab in the middle of God's will for my life today.

Don't get me wrong. I am looking forward to seeing family and friends this next week. And this fall I will wear my black and gold and root for Mizzou even if I can't watch all the games. But my home is in Virginia and my ministry is Memorial Baptist Church. Our new home is home for me.


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