Nothing but a Hound Dog

This week Rebecca and I have adopted a new member of our family. Duke is our big, brown, three year old Plott Hound, and he is making himself at home around here. We are learning quickly what Duke does and doesn’t do, what he likes and what he dislikes. As with most big hounds, his booming voice both startles and amazes. He eats his meals in about twenty seconds while we keep our hands and feet a safe distance away. I wanted Duke to go running with me this morning, but actually I went running with Duke as I struggled to keep up with his long hound dog gait. I guess I’m going to have to pick up the pace. And so far, Duke has a perfect record, answering nature’s call in nature and not in the family room. Way to go, Duke.

Our new family member started me thinking. Is getting a new dog anything at all like calling a new pastor? I wonder. Maybe there are a few similarities after all. 

First, a new pastor, like Duke, is a little anxious, just a little nervous coming into a new place, new surroundings, and lots of new people. It takes a little while for strangers to become friends and for friends to become family, but it will happen. It just takes time.

Also, a new pastor, like Duke, is more than ready to love and be loved. The nice woman that introduced us to Duke last week said, “He just needs a family. Everything will be fine for him when he has a family to love that will love him, too.” I guess that’s true for all of us, isn’t it? Pastor and people, we all need the love of a church family, a place to believe and belong.  

Finally, a new pastor, like Duke, is ready for new adventures. With a big hound like Duke, it’s better not to hold the leash too tight. He needs to explore, to run free, and hopefully to find the right path to follow. I pray that as a new pastor I will always be able to pick up the sweet scent of the Spirit and follow wherever He leads, while barking loud enough that our whole church can hear and follow after. Who knows where we might go together. 


Joy said…
Hi Drew,
So- Welome as the new leader of the pack!

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