Parting Words for the Pastor

These days are filled with farewells and goodbyes, smiles and tears. The kindness and curiosity of our people have been expressed to me in lots of questions and comments:

Are you really going to leave us?
How big is your new church?
What about your kids?
Are you sure about this?
Does your new church know what they're getting?
Who is going to do my funeral if you are not here?
Why do you have to move so far away?
Have you found a place to live out there?
How does your mother feel about you moving to Virginia?
Is there any decent barbeque out there? 
When are you actually moving?
Is there any way I can help you?
Are you going to straighten out that mess in Washington?
Who will be preaching after you're gone?
Can I be baptized before you leave?
Where are you going to find a bunch of old gym rats to play ball with?
So, have they seen you play golf?

I will really miss you.
I'm sorry to see you go.
Tell Sam and Jake and Becca to call me if they need anything.
I'll take care of your yard until you sell your house.
I know you wouldn't be going if you didn't believe it was God's will.
Thank you for being my pastor. You were always there for me.

Thank you, God, for letting me serve such a good and gracious people.


Bobbi Smith said…
Drew, Please keep me as a Facebook friend. Tell Suzanne that I am willing to do anything that she needs me to do, and any time she needs me.
I have shared with several individuals, that although I hate to see you go, how can I be sad if this is where God is leading you? Sometimes things happen to get us to follow His plans for us, otherwise we would become content just to stay right where we are, doing just what we are doing.
I know that He has great and wonderful things in store for both of you. I wish I would have had more time with you as my pastor. I will be praying that the move will be smooth and the way will be cleared with the sale of your property.
Kathy Moore said…
..and thank you for making me cry! Even though we are already gone, we will miss you a ton. It was a privilege to enjoy you and your family for many years. You have been a blessing, angel, friend, counselor, confidant and encourager to our household. Thank you for the years of sacrifice. The many hours are never really understood or appreciated. Love to you and yours.
Tammy said…
Those questions just about sum up what many of have asked ourselves. Thank you for sharing your life with us Drew. Tammy Walker

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