What's a Pastor To Do?

What is the authentic role of the pastor? Eugene Peterson gives us a sobering and humbling answer.

"My task as pastor was to show how the Bible got lived. Of course it's important to show that the Bible is true, but we have theologians and apologists for that. I just accepted the fact it was true and didn't bother much about that. I needed to be a witness to people in my congregation that everything in the Bible is livable and to try to avoid abstractions about big truths, big doctrines. I wanted to know how these ideas got lived in the immediate circumstances of people's lives at work, in the town, and in the family. . . . The role of the pastor is to embody the gospel."


Wm Clark said…
Very good... and true.
Anonymous said…
"My job as pastor is to call people to repent, deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow Jesus. If I revise "Repent!" to "How can I help you get your life in order?" I'm turning away from the gospel."

- Eugene Peterson

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