A Cold Winter's Night

Home this evening as the snow falls and the wind blows and the temperature drops. No teaching tonight, no meetings or appointments, everything blown away with the winter blast. It's good to be home for a change, just home in a nice warm house with Suz and the kids safe and sound. There is no gift quite so precious as unexpected free time, just an evening to call my own. I'd build a fire if there wasn't already three inches of snow on all my firewood.

Something about this fresh blanket of snow seems to quiet the world, to silence the clatter and chatter of the neighborhood with a peaceful hush. The swirling white wind whispers, "Stop your rushing, forget your plans, take your foot off the gas and slow down. Come on in and warm yourself, put on your slippers and settle into your favorite chair. Have some hot chocolate and some conversation with one you love. Tomorrow the frantic rush will begin again. Savor this cold winter's night, a rare and wonderful gift."

Thank you, God, for this blessed blizzard.


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