If I Were a Regular Guy

I have been enjoying a little time off this Labor Day weekend. This morning Suzanne, Rebecca and I drove over to Columbia to worship with Suzanne's parents at their church, Fairview United Methodist. It was a fine service, quite a bit different than our approach, but still a good worship experience.

Perhaps only those who have served as a pastor for many years can fully appreciate how wonderful it feels just to go to church without the weight of responsibility. Don't get me wrong. I love my work, and I wouldn't trade my ministry calling for anything in the world. But sometimes it is so refreshing to lay it down for a day or two and find an anonymous place in the pew. Well, almost anonymous. My mother-in-law graciously introduced her visiting family to the congregation and myself as "our son-in-law, Dr. Drew Hill", but she didn't mention anything about me being a pastor. Maybe the folks thought I was a professor or a surgeon or a psychiatrist or a proctologist, but probably not a pastor.

Well, anyway, my Sunday off got me thinking a little bit. What if I were a regular guy? You know what I mean? What if I were a normal person? Not a professional minister, not a full-time pastor, not a paid holy man, but just an ordinary believer, an average Joe, a regular guy? It raises some interesting questions for me to ponder.

If I were a regular guy, would I still be showing up at church almost every Sunday?

If I were a regular guy, would I still consider pot luck to be gourmet dining?

If I were a regular guy, would I still keep a snazzy black suit just for marrying and burying?

If I were a regular guy, would I still pick up my Bible even when I don't need to get a sermon?

If I were a regular guy, would I still be involved in several mission projects each year?

If I were a regular guy, would I still pray for my friends in crisis even without being asked?

If I were a regular guy, would I still pay attention to people and listen to their problems?

If I were a regular guy, would I still try to encourage those who may be struggling with their faith?

And, if I were a regular guy, would I still know that I am a child of God, just as much a part of God's family, and just as important to God's plans and purposes?

You see, I really am just a regular guy, nothing extraordinary about me, pastor or not. Just one ordinary follower of Jesus, trying to live a little bit of His life in mine. You too?


Anonymous said…
I've been on both sides of the coin..."full-time" and bi-vocational. We all know all ministry is really full-time but, sometimes we have to work other places to make the ends meet. You raise some interesting questions in your post. As I think about it there is part of me that says yes it was easier to do all those things when my only focus vocationally speaking was the church. Now working more than full time outside the church I find it easier to identify with the struggles of the "regular guys" who are trying to live their faith as part of their lives and not just a tack on at the end of it.
Drew Hill said…
Good thoughts, Cale. And how can guys like us preach and teach with relevance and integrity unless we truly understand what it's like to be a "regular guy"?

Sometimes I think I learned more from working as a cook, a painter, and a warehouseman than I did in seminary.
Anonymous said…
When standing in the center of the storm, being a regular guy looks pretty good

We've got it good too, however. Mostly I like the life ...

Annie said…
But when you follow Christ are you really ordinary?

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