Two of a Kind

It struck me the other day as I reflected upon our mission adventure in Arlington, Texas. I am so impressed with two remarkable women. One, an amazingly energetic senior adult and the other, a young college student. These two women, Tillie and Kristen, have much in common. Both women are possessed of great, God-given dreams for the future. And, both are passionately driven to do whatever it takes, putting in long hours to see their hopes realized. Tillie and Kristen have similar hearts as well, with deep, sincere compassion for all kinds of people, never patronizing or judging, but consistently reaching out with the love of Christ. Neither of these wonderful women can imagine doing anything with their lives other than serving God by serving others.

Then, it occurred to me that Tillie and Kristen are really just two different stages of the same person. Kristen is a young Tillie just getting started with God's call reverberating in her soul. And Tillie is a more mature Kristen having invested her gifts and her years in fruitful Kingdom work.

Two of a kind. Isn't it just like the Lord to bring these two faithful women together for a summer to serve side by side?


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