Birdies and Boys

Well, there will be no more basketball in my drive way for awhile. Two little birds (I think they are robins) have found a home on the backside of my backboard. When I got out of my car this evening, they were chirping away, waiting on their Mom to show up with something good to eat. Welcome to the neighborhood, my little friends.

Interesting timing, too, since we have a boy who is just about ready to leave our nest and go into the U.S. Navy and an older son headed back to Washington D.C. for the summer. It is just about time for birdies and boys to learn how to fly. Exciting days ahead.


Annie said…
How cute!! Around here we have baby geese and ducks. One mama duck has 12! Love the signs of spring moving into summer.
Drew Hill said…
Thanks, Annie. It also reminds me - "Not even a sparrow falls to the ground without the Father's notice."

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