You Are More Than You Have Become.

First, I took piano lessons as a boy until my teacher moved away. (I'm not sure why.) Then I tried the baritone horn in junior high band until I got tired of carrying it home and quit. Later it was guitar lessons which never seemed to make progress since I never bothered to practice between lessons. More recently, I've even considered picking up the piano or guitar again, but I can't seem to make the commitment.

Believe it or not, I really do love music and I think it would be wonderful to be able to play and sing, if only for myself. But, I've never done it. I've never stuck with it. I've never paid the price.

For the past five years or so, I've been planning to write a book. My first notes are dated April, 2002. From time to time I have done some preliminary work, but for now my book remains unwritten - a favorite dream, a noble goal, a mountain unclimbed. But this time I'm making plans, real plans, and this time I am determined there will be no excuses. This time I am going to finish what I've started, I'm going to express what is inside me, and I am going to see the view from that mountaintop.

I guess most of us are better starters than finishers. Look around your life. Do you find ample evidence of unfinished projects, unreached goals, and unfulfilled dreams? What are you waiting for? Could this be the moment in your life when you finally step up to be the person you were created to become?

"There are vast tracts of undeveloped life in most of us. We have capacities for creativity, for love and for accomplishment that lie fallow. We are dormant in our personal relationships and get pushed around unconscionably. We are timid in our work and get passed over for promotions. We are intimidated in our marriages and get used. We feel futile in our communities, fated to shabby and shoddy service from government and business.

Then, from time to time, a person stands up among us and announces how marvelous it is to simply be human." (Eugene Peterson)


Anonymous said…
I feel you man. I can play the guitar and a few other instruments, but my problem are with projects that I wish to complete. I've got a recording studio at my disposal. I've made three seperate attempts at recording a solo project, but never finished. I've got over 300 pages written for a fiction novel, but no ending. I've got notes on one other fiction book and outlines for over 20 chapters for a non-fiction. Your post is very encouraging in many ways. It's good to know that others are in the same boat and you've motivated me to work harder at unfinished projects. Thanks.

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