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Tracking "Crossing the Tracks"

 I have been humbled and pleased to receive such a positive response to my first novel, Crossing the Tracks . Apparently, it's worth a read: “... author Drew Hill has given readers a story that captures an accurate and realistic portrayal of the history of labor unions, civil rights, and neighborhood racial integration. His novel reads like sifting through a shoebox full of black and white photos, like an old family collection that spans the late 1800s to post war America and through the civil rights era. ...readers cannot do without reading Crossing the Tracks ... a true American novel, a work of art that values equality, dignity, and justice for all, arrived at by honest living and hard work to make ends meet.” ~ Feathered Quill, Rebecca Jane Johnson ~~~~~ “...a poignant and thought-provoking read that resonated long after the final page, not least because of Hill’s capacity for emotional depth, creating a narrative that captures the essence of a transformative era in Ameri

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